Summer prices

Up until the 30th of september there is no Prime Time. It is Low Price all times, all days of the week i.e 250 SEK/H. To get the lowest price one can buy the Low Price Punchcard and play for 175 SEK/H or one can buy the "Summercard" for 2.495 SEK and play unlimited 1st of may to the 30th of September.

Per hour Mon-Fri Weekends Price per hour
PrimeTime 16-21 09-18 380 SEK
Lowprice 06-16, 21-23 06-09, 18-23 250 SEK

Opening hours for guests are 09.00-23.00 and for members 06.00-24.00.

Punch Cards

Punch card Price 10 punches
PrimeTime10 2900 SEK
Lowprice10 1750 SEK

- Punch cards are valid for one year from the date it was bought
- Membership is required to buy and use punch cards


Membership Price
Standard 50 SEK/month
25&60* 25 SEK/month

One can be a member for as long as one wants. No notice period.

As a member you can:

- buy and use punch cards
- book times when the studio is unmanned
- buy the "Sommarkortet" for 2.495 SEK and play as much as you want 1 may- 30 september.
- can participate in club competitions and events
- use the rental golf sets free of charge
- bring your own drinks and use the fridge in the kitchen for cooling
- rent a locker to store your golfbag. (all is rented until autumn 2022. Fill in form in Matchi if you are interested for next season. See below.)
- get discount on grips at Wallin Golfworks

*The membership "25&60" is for golfers age 25 or younger or 60 years or older.

Bag storage

All lockers are rented. If you are interested in renting a locker for next season please fill in the form below.